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very visual

icons by verylisa

icons by verylisa
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veryvisual is a place for me (verylisa) to show off the LiveJournal icons that I make. All icons posted here are freely available for adoption.

(Gift icons that I've made for others are on my website. Don't adopt those unless you're the named recipient.)

You will find some mildly adult images here, and the occasional rude word.

This is a closed community and only I can post in it, but you are welcome to friend the community if you'd like to see new icons whenever they're posted.

Rules: Guidelines:
If you use one of these icons on LiveJournal or a similar site, you can credit verylisa in your icon keywords or comments. Write "icon by verylisa" or something like that. It's not required, but it's easy to do, it gives me a warm fuzzy, and it helps others to find my icons.

You are welcome to customise my icons however you like. Treat 'em all as bases if you want.

You can also ask me to customise one of my icons for you. I'll probably do it if it's a simple request and I still have the PSD file.

If you would like me to make an LJ interest icon just for you, comment here and be patient.

I don't often enter icontests, but on the rare occasions that I do, and on the even rarer occasions that I actually score a banner, I'll put the banners in this post.

Constructive criticism is very welcome. If you're rude about it, I'll probably be rude back at you, but don't let that stop you. :)

I try to credit image sources in icon posts when I know them. Unfortunately it's not always possible, because I've been collecting images for years and have forgotten where most of them come from. Note to self: get better at recording image sources.

I sometimes use textures, brushes and gradients made by ___xyourmistake, __kali__, __lumos, hanako_lovely, bluevinyl, callmefreak, cdg_brushes, ChainStyle, cooldecade, cosmo_mouse, crumblingwalls, cyberelf, darkislight, disorderedmind, dojie, inxsomniax, dragong, eightyfour__, faytrial, gegenschein, oh_pants, Hybrid Genesis, icons_with_love, jenniepennie, kimberly_a, lovetheories, miggy, not_a_painter, oxoniensis, pekeana, hecatesknickers, purposeicons, quebelly, saava, dark_soul_lost, takenaga, teh_indy, trex-tures, unmasked_icons, xenylamine, and yachiru.